LP-2 Vitamin C, Lysine & Proline


  • Pure Vitamin C (As Ascorbic Acid)
  • L Lysine
  • L Proline

As well as 2  packs of Vitamin C & Lysine this package adds 60 x L-Proline 500mg capsules.

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Proline is not added to the powder mixture as it causes caking resulting in solid lumps of powder which is not ideal, this is why Proline it is taken separately in capsule form. Proline was an addition to the original protocol by Dr. Rath because of its strong Lp(a) binding inhibitor properties. Read more about L-Proline here

Therapeutic Use.

It is recommended to take a total of 10g per day, that is 5g of Vitamin C and 5g of L-Lysine, so one 5g scoop in the morning and one in the evening and 1 x 500mg capsule of L-Proline.

The Pauling Therapy consists of a high dosage of Vitamin C and Lysine taken on a daily basis.
Proline was later added to the standard therapy by Dr Matthias Rath because of its strong binding inhibitor properties. In effect by having extra L-proline in the bloodstream in addition to  L-lysine and vitamin C all of the receptor sites are sealed and in essence becomes Teflon coated.

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