The Pauling Therapy

The Pauling Therapy is accredited to Doctor Linus Pauling 2 times Nobel Prize winner, he believed and proved that when we start taking a high dosage of Vitamin C on a daily basis the disease process is stopped or at the very least slowed down. This is because cholesterol and fatty substances are no longer needed as a repair material for the arteries.

Now known widespread as the Pauling therapy or Vitamin C therapy he stated that when we take high levels of vitamin C then plaque that is already Pauling Therapyexisting in the system may start to be removed. After this first discovery he learned that the removal of plaque from the system would be accelerated even further if a certain Amino Acid was taken together with the Vitamin C, this Amino Acid is known as Lysine. The effect of added Lysine is to attach to the plaque present in arteries and help to loosen it.

Pauling recommended that as humans cannot manufacture Vitamin C and rely upon our diet to get it that everyone should supplement with Vitamin C.

Pauling Therapy Dosage.

The Pauling Therapy dosage is not complicated, although looking at some information on the internet it can seem that way. Here we will tell you in a straightforward concise way how to go about it. You will get better absorption qualities in powder/drink mix formula than tablets.

Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid – There are different types of Vitamin C but the one he recommends and included in his tests is Ascorbic Acid.

Paulings recommendations were as follows;

Pauling Therapy as a Preventative:

If you are generally fit and well but want to be pro-active in protecting your health and DO NOT have heart disease he suggests at least 3 grams of both Vitamin C and Lysine per day taken in divided dose. Please note this is 3 grams NOT milligrams, in milligram terms it is 3000 milligrams. (ie: 1 gram = 1000 milligrams) a lot of people get confused by this.

There is strong evidence to state that with this level of daily intake it will help maintain the strength of the arteries and also prevent the build up of cholesterol plaque in a healthy human. If everyone were to follow his guidelines then maybe heart disease would become a thing of the past, as well as other chronic illness.

If You Are Diagnosed with Heart Disease

If you have been diagnosed with heart disease then obviously you should take more Vitamin C and Lysine. As a benchmark the Linus Pauling Therapy advises between 6 grams and 18 grams of Vitamin C and 6 grams of Lysine, again this is grams, so in milligram terms it is 6000 milligrams of each. This should be followed for at least 6 months before going to the maintenance program laid out above.

The half life of Vitamin is 30 minutes so doses should be divided throughout the day, to produce the highest sustained blood concentrations.

Now as we are all different we can require different amounts of Vitamin C. So, the Pauling therapy also states that Vitamin C intake can be taken to bowel tolerance, if you want to do this here is what he recommends.

Increase your dosage of Vitamin C on a daily basis until you reach the stage of a loose bowel (diarrhea) now back of to the amount taken before you experienced the loose bowel. Continue on this dosage for one week to allow the bowel to get accustomed to this amount, now increase the dosage again to where you experience a loose bowel again. This is your optimal amount of Vitamin C.

The Addition of Proline to the Pauling Therapy – Dr Rath

Linus Pauling and Matthias Rath MD were encouraged with the addition of Lysine to Vitamin C and started to look at Proline because of its strong binding inhibitor properties, there was also evidence that proline lowered high LP(a). They achieved even better results so Proline was a later addition to the Pauling therapy.  A healthy body manufactures its own Proline but with age we manufacture less so it is difficult to establish how much we need as we all differ. Rath recommends between 250mg and 2 grams per day for most people. By having extra L-proline in the bloodstream in addition to  L-lysine and vitamin C all of the receptor sites are sealed and in essence becomes Teflon coated.

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